Adam Tensta Short Documentary (+ Adam Tensta – Bad (Unreleased) LIVE).

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Over the last 3 years you’ve seen our posts updating you on Adam Tensta’s new songs and NYC shows. We not only consider ourselves his biggest fans & U.S. promoters, but family as well. We are always on the hunt for new music and we keep circling back to Tensta as he keeps raising the bar and reinventing himself through his projects. This short documentary is the first of its kind to describe the story behind this unique artist. Watch, enjoy and appreciate the journey he’s taken to make some great music for us to please our ears with.


Mount Eden

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In the spirit of the Dubstep trend we’ve decided to join the madness with this post about some extended family, Mount Eden. You can catch them at Coachella and Winter Music Conference. Here ya go…


Adrian Lux feat. Lune – Fire

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Once again STOCKHOLM puts out another great track.  Our friend Adrian Lux who gained fame from his dance single “Teenage Crime” has done it again with a real catchy club anthem “Fire” featuring Lane. We’re guessing this will be another one of those songs  we will hear on repeat in Miami throughout the WMC & ULTRA week.  Adrian keep putting out that great music, we’re looking forward to more of your music.

New Music: St. Lucia “The Old House is Gone”

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Thanks to our good friend Ian Wilkes we found another gem!  The latest edition to one of our favorite indie labels, Neon Gold, St Lucia makes the kind of chill, dance at home in front of the mirror in socks and boxers, music.  He gets our thumbs up for next big thing. Neon Gold sure knows how to pick them! Below you’ll see their single “The Old House is Gone” along with the remix by our buddies The Knocks.  Download it at the bottom as well. Happy new music day! (everyday should be new music day !)s

St. Lucia “The Old House is Gone”

St. Lucia “The Old House is Gone” (The Knocks Remix)

Animal Status “See You Next Summer” Mix

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This mix by dB of Animal Status is much different from his ” Weekend at Bernies” mixes. “See You Next Summer” is a much more soulful old school vibe, of course its no regular compilation. The unique remixes but a great twist on these classic tunes. Download this and let us know what you think.

Justice – ON’N’ON … Trippy!

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We apologize to you all for not having posted anything in a long time, but we are on vacation after a maddening New Year’s Eve. We weren’t planning on posting anything , due to our F*ck the internet vaca, but we came across Justice’s new video for “On’N’On” and couldn’t let this one get away.  It’s a very Pink Floyd, space odyssey-esque video, trippy to say the least. Enjoy!

The Magician – I Don’t Know What To Do (Fabian Remix)

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So I’ve been playing this song out for the past 6 weeks or so, and can’t get enough. I found it on the Kitsuné Maison Compilation 12 (which you should pick up as well… actually you should get everything that Kitsuné puts out). Enjoy!!!

The Magician ft. Jeppe - I Don't Know What To Do (Fabian Remix)